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Confidence is knowing how to conduct business at a five-star restaurant or a casual cafe. It's a polished appearance that says to your clients you respect them. It's a firm handshake that speaks for itself.

Instilling confidence and making people at ease in any business social situation is our mission at the Culture and Manners Institute. The true meaning of etiquette -- kindness and consideration towards others, is the foundation of all of our instruction.

Business Etiquette: Gain the confidence, image and poise you need in any business situation.  We also offer customized training on international etiquette based on specific countries or areas.

Social Etiquette: Exercise your social graces in public places with our instruction in traditional social etiquette, from restaurant dining with children to sophisticated dinner parties in your home. 

Culture: Build on your knowledge of Business Etiquette and Social Etiquette by expanding your knowledge of art, music, dance, literature, food, history and more.

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