Business Etiquette

The Culture and Manners Institute offers the following seminars in Business Etiquette.  We also customize seminars and presentations to cover multiple subjects, based on your needs and your organization’s needs.


Dining Tutorial
Put your best fork forward for this all-encompassing presentation of table manners for people in business.  Included is a discussion of American vs. European style of eating, restaurant manners and host and guest protocol in business meals.

Cocktail Party / Networking Etiquette
If it has a plastic alligator hanging off the side, it’s not a professional drink.  Learn how to juggle food and drinks, plus proper introductions and conversation skills.

First Impressions
Project confidence, poise and charm with internal and external clients in this seminar about handshakes, proper introductions and conversation skills. Become an expert at remembering “what’s-his-name” and “what’s-her-name” the next time you see them.

Professional Image
Certain elements in your business wardrobe are like a secret handshake to the executive offices.  Learn what sets executives apart in clothing, accessories and accoutrements. The discussion includes colors, fabrics, fit and winning combinations, as well as a discussion of the Business Casual wardrobe. 
Choose from: 
            Men’s Professional Image Seminar
            Women’s Professional Image Seminar
            Combined Men’s and Women’s Professional Image Seminar

Electronic Etiquette
Exciting developments in technology present new challenges for the business world.  Add to the mix, three generations of people operating in the same workplace.  Get everyone on the same page, with the Culture and Manners Institute’s training on electronic etiquette, including email, cell phones, PDAs, audio and video conferencing, as well as internet use and personal web pages.  Also learn how to defend yourself against corporate spying when communicating in public places.

Professional Correspondence
Learn how to write winning professional letters, thank you notes, responses to invitations, as well as notes of sympathy.  Navigate the different types of stationary used by professionals and business card protocol.  Perfect for any executive, manager, sales professional or anyone who deals with the public.

International Etiquette
Prepare for international business, customer service or public relations with the Culture and Manners Institute’s customized international etiquette programs.  We will research the specific countries or areas you will be doing business with and train your team on local customs, etiquette and business practices.

For more information on scheduling a seminar or a custom program, please contact Callista Gould at the Culture and Manners Institute by email: or by phone: 515-225-2710.
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